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Our Story

HostSparrow Team has been in the web hosting business for more than 4 years. While providing professional services in the field of System Administration to private and business clients, we grasped the opportunity to launch our public cloud hosting service in late 2015. By doing so we preserved our core values and built on our previous experience to deliver a finely crafted PaaS (Platform as a Service). This step gave us the opportunity to change our company business model from service-oriented to a product-oriented without giving up our high standards for customer satisfaction and technical excellence. As a result our SSD Cloud Hosting solution is one of the most accessible and affordable on the Web Hosting Market powered by a super-fast 24/7 support team.

9000+ Domain Names Registered

4000+ WebSites Hosted

2000+ Customers

Our Technology


What We Do

We are promised to keep our word, no matter the cost, efforts that should taken from our side to feel the customer comfortable with us. We are serving you with the world class hardware equipment assembled from different parts of the globe. Business owners can also think about the advantage of having a globally accessible website for the promotion of their brand through the internet, so that it opens an ocean of business opportunities in front of them. We are ready to gather all necessary information from you and we will suggest you a better solution according to the current business scenario.

Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

To provide exceptional hosting performance for your website, we carefully select our servers hardware and software. All HostSparrow servers run on high-end Intel SSD drives and the latest E5 processors with at least 32 GB of RAM per node. Yet, our hosting service is extremely easy to manage thanks to the cPanel/WHM control panel included with every hosting service. Additionally, HostSparrow is one of the few hosting provides on the market to fully utilize the power of technologies such as Google Pagespeed, nginx and Facebook FlashCache.

Why Choose Us?

Things We Don't Tolerate

We love what we do and we have high standards for the projects we host!
Child Porn
We will never cancel any services without trying our best to resolve the problem with you. However in extreme cases such as an account containing child pornography we hold the right to cancel services without any prior warning.
Unsolicited commercial advertisements ('SPAM') are not allowed in e-mail, and will likely result in cancellation.
Scam & Exploits
HostSparrow will strongly react to any use or attempted use of an Internet account or computer without the owner's authorization. Such attempts include 'Internet scamming' (tricking other people into releasing their passwords), password theft, security hole scanning, etc.
Viruses & Malware
We are not ever allowed Viruses & Malware in our servers.
We never support to share Violence content
Racial/Religious Intolerance
We never allowed to promote Racial/Religious Intolerance.

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